Mykonos is also known as the “Island of Winds” and its windmills have become its famous landmark featured in all travel brochures. So, if you happen to visit the island during strong wind season the so-called ‘meltemia’, no need to worry. Take advantage of the cool temperature and enjoy the breeze on your face.


Picturesque Chora

This is the best time to explore the main town, Chora. Stroll along the narrow, stone-paved streets.
Admire the Cycladic architecture at its best, white-washed houses, blue painted windows and colorful balconies and staircases displaying their scented flowers, bougainvilleas, geraniums, and jasmine. Watch your steps as you may stumble on a cat basking in the sun.


Walk down the past

Enrich your walk with a visit to one of the museums, the Maritime Museum, or the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum of Mykonos not to mention the numerous white Byzantine churches at every turn of the narrow streets. Learn about the history and culture of the island and how it was brought to fame after years of hard work by its few inhabitants.

If you cannot enjoy swimming on a windy day drive to Ano Mera, a picturesque village in the center of the island, offering a more authentic view of Mykonos. Wander the streets, enjoy local recipes at a tavern and visit the historic15th century monastery of Panagia Tourliani.

churches in Mykonos

In the early evening do some shopping in the colorful lit posh street where you can find practically anything your heart desires, then Little Venice is the ideal spot for a drink while viewing the magnificent sunset in Mykonos.

The most cosmopolitan island in Greece, is always inviting and September proves to be the best as the crowds have lessened. You will enjoy a swim in crystal clear waters, stroll quietly along the cobbled alleys, admire fascinating sunsets and savor gourmet and traditional meals in more peaceful surroundings.

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