See the authentic Mykonos

wine in mykonos ano meraMykonos is no just beach parties and clubbing, there is more to see and discover while you are there. One can explore Mykonos in many ways; one of the least known is by traveling to the inner part of the island, where one can see vineyards and farms and traditional villages. Ano Mera in the center of Mykonos, is much quieter and traditional, there are a few churches you can visit, including the Panagia Tourliani monastery.

There you can experience the Greek hospitality by visitng a farm, taste local produce and sip local wine along with the best and original culinary tastes of Mykonos.

Taste of wine and traditional products

Despite being a barren and wind beaten island, Mykonos has always been a wine producer and exporter. So, by exploring the inland, going up to Ano Mera you can come across a old vineyards that have been brought back to life by a younger generation.

Vines of Aegean-sea varieties are grown with love, music and sun following the bio-dynamic cultivating method, producing healthy and tasty grapes from which the wines are produced. Guests are welcome to taste the wines and accompany them with dishes of traditional products and vegetables grown in the farms.

Go on a bike tour

ano mera mykonosThey are also invited to tour the area around the vineyards and the peaceful beaches on foot or bikes and ride to pristine beaches through old pathways, while locals are more than happy to narrate stories about the island and its customs. At the beach you can enjoy your swim, take underwarter photos to keep memories alive.

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