The Windmills of Mykonos are the island’s most famous landsacpe. The Windmills have been featured in all travel guides not only of Mykonos but have become a symbol of summer in Greek islands.

A propserous industry of the past

windmills in greeceTheir history goes back to the 16th century, they can be seen in many areas of the island, however, the Windmills near Chora and Alefkadra are the most popular. Taking advantage of the gusty winds throughout the year and especially the “meltemia” in August they were once in full operation to grind grains and produce flour for the locals and export it to other places as well. Now, they have been renovated, and stand proudly as a symbol of the island’s prosperous past.

Today you can go to a local bakery at Neochori and get some rusks “paximadia” using the old-fashioned methods. Some of the windmills have neen converted into houses or preserved as heritage monuments of the island.

Famous white-washed mills

greece windmillsThere are about seven windmils remaing standing and in good condition today. Two of the most famous windmills can be visited today. Geronymos Mill was in operation till the late 60’s. Nowadays, being completely renovated and having preserved most of its equipment, it attracts many visitors. The second one, Bonis Mill is one of its kind. The visitor can see the whole process that once took place in the mill, from the grinding to the final stage of storing.

Harvest time

For those visiting Mykonos in the first days of September, they can participate in the local Harvest Festival, and will be treated to local specialties and drinks while listening to local music and joining in folk dancing.