Celebrities’ escape

Mykonos a Greek island in the heart of Aegean, an area no more than 90sq.km, was once hardly known and scarcely visited. However, its unsurpassed beauty and tranquility had always attracted the affluent class of Athenians who made it their getawately, incognito in their private yachts. So, one can see that Mykonos has a long tradition on attracting celebrities. Now of course, all this has changed and since the construction of its airport in the early 1970s, celebrities from all corners of the world visit the island for their summer holidays.


The Island of winds

Mykonos is also known as the “Island of winds”, what was once a poor island due to its barren land, the hospitality of the locals and its picturesque villages, have now transformed it to the “Party island” in Greece and the island has gained world-fame but not only for its vibrant nights, but for its amazing beaches and wide range of accomodation as well. Outside Chora on the hills or waterfront villas have sprung up like mushrooms, all blending nicely with the surroundings and maintaining the Cycladic architecture and color.

Mykonos Riviera

Despite the economic crisis in Greece, (and not only) property prices have rocketed high. As the number of tourists increases every year so does property value. It is now acclaimed as the mostly demanded and highly expensive property in the real estate market.

mykonian venice

Even Financial Times has devoted an article on “Why Mykonos is Greece’s Most Resilient Property Market.” Property here may cost even more than an equivelant one in London, Paris, New York. It is true that a villa in Mykonos may cost double than a villa in one of the posh neighbouhoods in Athens. The high cost of accommodation and dining is affordable by few, who are prepared to pay for the luxury offered. Mykonos is now earning, in all fair terms, its new reputation of being the “Little French Riviera”. Mykonos is heaven on earth.

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