For those who were unable to visit Mykonos during the hot summer months, do not despair. Luckily in Greece and especially in Cyclades summer lasts much longer. Mykonos is an even more ideallic destination in September.

If you visit Mykonos during September, consider yourself fortunate. You have the opportunity to enjoy the sights, the beaches, food and parties in a more relaxed and easy-going manner. No waiting in queues for drinks and food, no table reservations in popular eating spots.

What you can do?

Explore the rural and traditional areas of the island. Go to areas away from civilsation! Follow footpaths to beautiful beaches and capture with your camera breathtaking views. Swim in still warm and crystal clear waters or soak in the sun. Visit off the beaten path areas and get a real taste of Mykonos and its people. If you wish to be more idependent and free of choice, rent a car for a drive along the island’s fabulous coastline.

Head for the lighthouse at Fanari, for an amazing view of the Aegean Sea. Go past Panormos Beach and continue to Agios Sostis. Then turn inland, and visit Ano Mera, a rural, agricultural area, admire Paleokastro the remains of a Venetian castle, the 15th century monastery and the old mines at Mersini Bay,

Enjoy your lunch at a picturesque local restaurant, carry on along the south coast, and the rich green area of Halara. Have a break for a refreshment and cool off with a swim before returning to Chora for the evening.

A September Cruise is still Magic!

If you had a busy summer, no time to relax and unwind it is not late to do so now. September is the best time to visit Mykonos, still summer yet few crowds and easy to get away from it all. At this time of the year it is even easier to book a day cruise to explore the best beaches of the island.

Swim in crystal clear waters, go snorkeling and sunbathe in a peaceful and secluded beach. Discover the utmost beauties of the island that can only be reached by sea.

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However, if you are for more excitement and adventure at Kalafatis beach you can enjoy water sports of your choice, and for never ending entertainment there is Paradise Beach where you can enjoy a thirst-quenching cocktail at one of the most famous beach bars in the world!

Sail to nearby isles, Delos and admire its archeological finds. Get away from the cosmopolitan beaches of Mykonos for a day and sail to the the uninhabited island of Rhenia, and Dragonissi with its amazing caves and rock formations and swim in its fascinating and colorful sea water.

After an active day, you will feel hungry. Enjoy a traditinal Greek meal at a seaside ‘taverna’, have a taste of refreshing Greek salad, a cool drink of ouzo and delicious fresh, grilled fish or sea food.

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Then in the evening, back to the main island, have a relaxing evening to end your day pleasantly. Book our exclusive Mykonos Vacation Package and spend time in Mykonos you will never forget! 1830952