• All Villa rates are quoted in Euro, per Villa, per night, including all applicable taxes.
  • Breakfast Chef is available upon request(with surcharge)

Important Notes to hold parties in Mykonos

( in a place like Mykonos there is danger of losing control at the parties, as you don’t know who you are dealing with, and  use of drugs and alcohol can get out of control).

Therefore an agreement is made separately for the ‘party’ or ‘celebration’ in all cases, no matter whether the owner has already declared that ‘parties are accepted..’

The agreement is made by the owner and signed by him and the lessee in whose name the “rental agreement” has been made.

A large damages guarantee and agreement has to be made by the owner and in the name of the lessee who is the responsible person in case of damages by anyone else.

The number of guests to be invited, as well as a damages guarantee on American Express cards / and / or cash are required for any party.

A note about Rental agreements

A rental agreement is made for every rental, and for security sake, it is best made between the owner and the lessee directly.

This puts liability between the 2 of them and the booking agency is actually just doing a promotion for the villa.