Summer Festival

Parties and all sorts of artistic and cultural events are held every day. At the island’s most popular beaches, Paradise, Super Paradise, Paraga, Psarou, as well as in many resorts daily party events are organized. Parties start at mid afternoon and last late in the evening. Music events , open air concerts and theatrical performances and art exhibition take place practically everywhere. Artists from all over the world participate in Mykonos Summer Festival and you may be right next to your favorite celebrity.

mykonos beach parties

Harvest Festival

The annual Harvest Festival takes place at the Mykonos Agricultural Museum, in mid September. Visitors at this time can see the agriculture and livestock of the island, taste traditional produce grown on the island. Book our exclusive Mykonos Vacation Package and spend time in Mykonos you will never forget!

Traditional-Religious Celebrations

Every year traditional religious festivals take place in Chora and villages to honor their saints. If you happen to be visiting the island on these days you shouldn’t miss the festivities. The events are organized by local authorities or groups and are open to the public. The celebrations last all night and there’s plenty of local treats and wine. It is an opportunity to experience old customs and traditions with the locals and join in traditional dances and music.
On 30th June there is a feast for Agioi Apostoloi, on 26th July they celebrate for Agia Paraskevi and later on the 15th August every year a great feast takes place in the village Ano Mera at the church of Panagia Tourliani (8km from the town).

Actually, Mykonos is the island of parties and celebrations. You will surely have the opportunity to experience one at any time you are there!