It’s true that the main attraction of Mykonos is the magnificent beaches, but  for the adventure-lovers out there, there is more to the island than what the typical tourist would see. A wealth of beautiful routes in nature and traditional places can be revealed if you choose to get around in an alternative way.


mykonos bicyclingIf you didn’t bring yours with you, you can rent a bike in many places in Mykonos. With the proper caution, the streets unfolding under your wheels can immerse you into beautiful scenery.

Most of the island can be accessed by a bike, if you are experienced, just keep in mind to
be equipped with emergency light even at night. Some examples of routes you could follow can be found here



horse back riding in mykonosHorseback Riding can be a totally unique way of  experiencing Mykonos. A skilled instructor guides you through the picturesque countryside, its hillside trails and the small donkey paths.

No previous experience needed! These majestic animals will do all the hard work for you!

If you’re a beach lover and would like to approach even the most remote beaches then a Water taxi is your thing. Essentially a friendly small boat lift when you need it, it can come in handy when you want to reach beyond what the road has to offer. Ready to satisfy the explorer in you, it can let you beach hop without having to return to back to land, or skirt from one beach to another without a problem. Given that they are slightly difficult to find, it would be a wise move to plan ahead.

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