Agios Sostis Beach

A beach which combines the brown of lava with the golden color of the sand. And while the north wind keeps it clean and slightly angry the south wind makes it an amazing destination for the seekers of the soft summer breeze. You can either approach the beach with a car or taxi, but you’ll have to park higher than the beach and walk your way downwards. You will have to get equipped before you get there because there is no place to buy water or coffee.

agios sostis beach in mykonos

Lia Beach

It might seem quite far but it is a beautiful and calm beach, that’s why people that seek relaxation usually choose it. It might seem a bit rocky and the waters are always cold since it’s located in the north but it is very clean and has an immaculate seabed, in the open waters.

For the adventurers or the sea lovers, a scuba diving school is located on Lia beach, so you can seize the opportunity for the experience of the day!

elias-beach-in mykonos

Agrari Beach

Another beautiful beach, more secluded for those that want to avoid the crowds. It has crystal clear waters and a long sandy beach, the ones that like deep waters are going to love it. One of the most relaxing spots and definitely a memory that will remain intact since this beach is quite different from the others in Mykonos. It would be better avoided with strong winds though as it tends to form waves.

agrari beach mykonos

Photos by Ag. Sostis Beach – and Agrari Beach –