mykonos water sports - diving centersLet there be water! If you’re a fan of the deep blue sea, you can find professional diving centers willing to help you enjoy the experience to the fullest, as they are open to all levels from snorkeling to open sea diplomas and everything in between!

Its waters are probably amongst the best diving places in the Aegean, as they offer very diversified underwater sceneries with reefs, wrecks, canyons, stone walls, traces of the past like Amphorae and pots and an impressive range of vision up to 40 meters in some cases.

You can find very well equipped windsurf clubs in the island as well. A quick search can reveal the favorite surfer spots, as for example the one in Kalafati, which has a constant strong wind most of the summer days in an ideal long sandy beach.

kite surfing mykonosIf Kitesurfing is your thing, then Korfos bay is a must. For Kite Surfing lessons in Mykonos click here for bookings and prices

Korfos bay became known as the most suitable setting for this exciting activity, providing suitable weather throughout the season for the coaching procedure. It is an all-natural dream for kitesurfers because of the ideal tension of the air. Korfos bay is a Virgin setting with shallow waters, perfect for people starting out,it has steady wind and smooth shallow waters, with most of the times zero swimmers on the beach.

Water sports can be found everywhere! Most of the beaches have an organized spot with a variety of choices to be enjoyed solo or in groups.

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